James Marsden Details Trickiest ‘Jury Duty’ Scene To Capture: ‘So Many Things Had To Line Up Right’

At the 2024 Critics’ Choice Awards, Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans chatted with James Marsden about his nomination for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for portraying a fictionalized version of himself in “Jury Duty.” James talked about getting to satirize the “overly self-important Hollywood celebrity” in his role, and he shared that there were “many, many times” they nearly slipped up in front of their hero Ronald Gladden, including while they were reading lines in his hotel room. “During the audition sequence, so many things had to line up right for that one specifically, because there weren’t camera guys walking around with cameras as the ‘documentary film crew.’ I had to place the camera for the show – it was hidden inside a camera bag – so that it perfectly [captured it]. So we rehearsed that and rehearsed it and rehearsed it before he came in,” he said.