Jason Momoa Has This Reaction When Told He’s Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s Celebrity Crush

Jason Momoa is all about self-care in 2024! The “On The Roam” star revealed his 2024 ins and outs while talking to Access Hollywood and admitted he is “all for health” this year. “I’m interested in taking care of my heart this year,” he said. As for his 2024 out, it’s stress. “I can do a lot less with stress and not over sweating the small stuff and just like this too will pass, you know,” he told Access. “I think I’m affected by too much outside, I don’t know, stimulant. Too much of opinions and things like that… [I just need to] focus on what’s important so not really let those things affect you.” The “Aquaman” star also reacted to Gypsy Rose Blanchard telling Access that he’s her celebrity crush. “Thank you. I’m honored,” he said. Plus, he spoke in depth about his new Max docuseries “On The Roam,” admitting it’s the most “revealing” thing he’s ever done. “On the Roam” premieres on Jan 18 on Max.