Jelly Roll Says He ‘Had No Business Picking Lifelong Tattoos At 14’: ‘Big, Big Regrets’

Jelly Roll is having an incredible year in country music! At the 2023 CMA Awards, the “Need A Favor” singer told Access Hollywood guest correspondent Emily Orozco what he would tell his younger self about his breakout success in Nashville. He also teased that a surprise special guest would join him when he opens the award show and reflected on the honor of being nominated for Male Vocalist of the Year. Jelly Roll also played a fun game of “Yeehaw or Hell Nah” and shared that he regrets “93 percent” of his tattoos. “I give a different number any time … Big, big regrets. It’s one of the few things in life I regret besides my criminal record. I got some of these when I was like 14. I had no business picking lifelong tattoos at 14,” he quipped.