Jenna Ortega’s Mom Seemingly Calls Her Out For Smoking A Cigarette After Viral Photos

Moms will be moms! Jenna Ortega’s mother didn’t seem to hold back her disapproval over now-viral photos of the “Wednesday” star smoking a cigarette. Jenna was spotted puffing away alongside actress pal Gideon Aldon in London recently, sending fans into a frenzy over seeing her partake in the unhealthy habit. While others on social media defended Jenna’s right to make her own choices as an adult, her mom Natalie found a not-so-subtle way to share her thoughts. Natalie took to her Instagram story this week with a series of memes and screenshots calling out the dangers of smoking, from lung cancer to tooth damage. In case followers – and Jenna – didn’t get the message, Natalie concluded with a loving quote about parenting that explained her worry.