Jennifer Aniston Shocked Over Learning Cole Sprouse Is 30, Reacts To His Childhood Crush (EXCLUSIVE)

The one where the kids all turn thirty. Jennifer Aniston was left stunned when she learned her former “Friends” co-star, Cole Sprouse, and his brother, Dylan, are now 30 years old. Access Hollywood’s Kit Hoover sat down with Jen and Adam Sandler for their latest film, “Murder Mystery 2” and the 54-year-old had the best reaction when she realized Ross Geller’s son is the same age her character was during season 7 of the hit show. “What?” she said shocked at the news. “Oh no, they’re not. Wow, that’s so bananas.” During the candid conversation, “The Morning Show” actress also reacted to Cole admitting he had a crush on her when they filmed together. The pair also joked about Adam discovering the twins, who starred in his popular flick “Big Daddy,” when they were just 5 years old.