Jennifer Aniston Shows Off Sprouting Silver Grey Roots In Hair Care Video

Jennifer Aniston is proudly showing off some sprouting silver locks. While taking to Instagram over the weekend to launch her hair care line’s newest product, the 54-year-old actress gave her fans a peek at a small sliver of silver roots. In the quick promo video, Jennifer is showing off the product while keeping her iconic hair in a half up half down ‘do with a few blond pieces framing her face and she’s fully showing off her silvery grey roots. Jennifer launched LolaVie, her hair care brand, in September 2021, which was 25 years after she sparked a global trend with her iconic “Friends” haircut which was dubbed “The Rachel.” “The Morning Show” star has had her hand in everything along the way of LolaVie’s growth. Just last month, she even dressed up in disguise when the brand launched in Ulta to check out the products!