Jennifer Lopez Explains How Happiness With Ben Affleck Inspired ‘This Is Me…Now’ Album

Jennifer Lopez is ready to share her truth, her way! The superstar sat down with Access Hollywood and explained the creative inspiration behind her massive “‘This Is Me…Now” album and cinematic original and why the project coincides with one of the best times in her life, thanks in part to husband Ben Affleck. “When he came back into my life and we got this second chance I was very inspired to go back into the studio for the first time and make another album,” she said, adding, “I think some artists get inspired when they’re heartbroken or tortured or tormented. That’s not me. I’m the opposite of that. I go into the studio when I feel like, you know, a tremendous amount of love. That happiness is where my music is born from.” JLo also explained the multitude of emotions chronicled in the new project and why she wanted to honor both the ups and downs she’s experienced. “I think life is funny. I think the best moments in life are when we’re laughing at ourselves in kind of that tragic way,” she chuckled, adding, “And the painful parts. … Those things that we don’t show anybody that we’re kind of sometimes ashamed of or that [we] kind of think are weak. Things like that, I think, are the most, the whole kind of essence of life.” Jennifer’s “This Is Me…Now” cinematic original drops Feb. 16 on Prime Video, and you can hear the full accompanying album starting the same day.