Jennifer Lopez On Ben Affleck’s ‘Really Great’ Spanish Skills: ‘He Loves Speaking’ The Language

Jennifer Lopez is taking on an action-packed new role in “The Mother”! Access Hollywood’s Emily Orozco spoke to the actress and her co-star Lucy Paez about the intense Netflix drama. Jennifer discussed her training for the movie and how her experience getting into character gave helped her think deeply about her real-life role as a mom. Plus, she gushed over Ben Affleck’s “really great” Spanish-speaking skills. “He spent time in Mexico when he was a kid, and so, he loves the culture, and he loves the people, and he loves speaking Spanish,” JLo said. “He learned it then, and he’s kind of kept it up his whole life and really loves speaking Spanish. I get very self-conscious, because I didn’t grow up in Puerto Rico, you know what I mean? I speak Spanish, and I know Spanish. I know Spanish well, but I still get self-conscious – not him!” “The Mother” hits Netflix on May 12.