Jennifer Lopez On How The Media’s Perception Of Her Impacted Her Work: ‘It’s Been A Long Journey’

Jennifer Lopez is getting candid about how the media’s perception of her impacted her relationship with her work. “When I first came out on the scene it was a weird situation where I was doing really well and had some success, had amazing fans and all this kind of stuff, and the records were selling and I was selling movie tickets and I was successful but at the same time I was treated in the media like I was not talented or I was not this and I was not that, so I was in a weird relationship that I was in with my work. … Its been a long journey,” she told Access Hollywood at the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival premiere of her documentary “Halftime.” The 52-year-old singer also revealed how the documentary came to be. “Halftime” starts streaming on Netflix June 14.