Jennifer Lopez Reveals Vegas Wedding Before Big Day Was Ben Affleck’s Idea: ‘Can’t Take Any Credit’

Like her character in “Shotgun Wedding,” Jennifer Lopez is no stranger to navigating a curveball while getting ready for her big day! While she and co-star Josh Duhamel talked to Access Hollywood’s Zuri Hall about the movie, the actress discussed how she and Ben Affleck switched up their wedding plans. “We got married down in Savannah, and everybody was panicked about the weather, like whether it was going to be pouring rain or it was going to be so hot that everybody was going to be uncomfortable … So we just ran off to Vegas and got married a month before to put the pressure off. It was like, ‘OK, our wedding was perfect. Now whatever happens on that day is fine,'” she said, adding, “It was Ben’s idea. I can’t take any credit for it.” “Shotgun Wedding” will release globally on Prime Video on Jan. 27.