Jennifer Lopez Says Ben Affleck Is A ‘Genius’ For Dunkin’ Super Bowl Ad: ‘He’s So Self-Deprecating’

Jennifer Lopez is ready to share “This Is Me…Now” with the world! At the premiere of the cinematic original, the music superstar detailed her inspiration behind the project to Access Hollywood’s Zuri Hall. “It’s really like the story of kind of like a hopeless romantic and her journey through life and the search for love and what it’s all about. And I think a lot of us are that person … I really felt like there was a bigger idea here to share about ‘This Is Me…Now’ and embracing yourself, and that includes all of the messy parts, too,” she shared. Jennifer also reflected on her and husband Ben Affleck’s hilarious Dunkin’ ad for the Super Bowl. “He is a genius. That is the genius that is Ben Affleck, and he’s so self-deprecating and so lovely and so smart and brilliant,” she gushed. “Whenever he calls me to do something, I’m like, ‘Whatever, yeah! What do you need me to do? What do I say?'” Jennifer’s “This Is Me…Now: A Love Story” cinematic original drops Feb. 16 on Prime Video, and you can hear the full accompanying album starting the same day.