Jennifer Lopez Says Ben Affleck Note In Album Teaser Was A Prop: I’d ‘Never Burn One Of His Letters’

Jennifer Lopez is being honored at Elle’s 2023 Women in Hollywood celebration! At the event, the singer told Access Hollywood how much the recognition meant to her and how being honored by fellow women made it “extra special.” Plus, she reflected on how her journey with husband Ben Affleck inspired her new album “This Is Me…Now.” “‘This Is Me…Then’ was an album I wrote about the love of my life 20 years ago … So, 20 years later, when we got back together, I was for the first time really inspired to get back into the studio and write an album like I did back then,” she said, adding that the music “poured out of” her. She also said it was “amazing” to have Ben help co-write the album’s companion film, saying, “Nobody knows me or my story better than him.” Plus, she revealed that the letter that she burned in the trailer wasn’t a Ben original after all! “I would never burn one of his letters. Are you crazy?” she quipped. “That was a prop. But you know, now I realize that I should’ve copied one of his letters and put it there.”