Joe Jonas Officiates Onstage Wedding For His Jonas Brothers Bandmate During Their Concert

Joe Jonas has added wedding officiant to his résumé! On Sunday, the Jonas Brothers singer stopped the band’s show in Anaheim, Calif., to help one of their members get married on stage! In a video shared by @recessionobsession on TikTok, Joe helped percussionist Molly Lopresti and her fiancé, Nick Shirm, tie the knot in front of the crowd! The rock star started off by telling the crowd how it was planned. According to Joe, Molly explained to them, “‘Look, I’d love to go on tour with you guys, but the only problem is I’m supposed to get married to my fiancé, Nick.'” Luckily, Joe and his brothers had a solution! “We said, ‘Let’s figure this out, we gotta help them out in some way. If only we knew an ordained minister on this tour,'” Joe added, referring to himself. Molly then took the stage to meet Nick before Joe recited their vows. Immediately following the couple’s “I Dos,” the Jonas Brothers kicked off their first dance, singing their hit 2007 ballad “When You Look Me In The Eyes.”