Joey Fatone Says His Kids Weren’t Impressed With *NSYNC’s Viral Taylor Swift Moment At The VMAs

Joey Fatone is ready for the next era of NSYNC! The pop star tells Access Hollywood about teaming up with fellow boybanders Lance Bass, AJ McLean and Wanya Morris for a new holiday campaign with The Children’s Place that’s perfect for the whole family. Joey also reacts to 98 Degrees sharing support for NSYNC’s reunion as the group prepares to launch their first new song in more than 20 years! Is he up for a collab, or even a halftime show? “We support everybody. Believe it or not it’s not, again, it’s never been like any animosity or anything like that,” Joey said, noting what a blast he and AJ had performing together at 90s Con. And, Joey looks back at Taylor Swift’s now-viral reaction to NSYNC presenting her with an award at the MTV VMAs and admits his kids weren’t exactly impressed! “The funny part is, my kids are so chill and I guess, maybe jaded? I don’t know if jaded is the correct word but they’re more like, ‘[shrugs] Oh, that’s cool,'” he laughed. “It’s Dad’s job.”