Joey King Shares How ‘We Were The Lucky Ones’ Cast Supported Each Other Amid Emotional Times On Set

Joey King and Sam Woolf are sharing details about their new drama series, “We Were the Lucky Ones.” “This story is just so heart-wrenching and hopeful and beautiful, and just knowing that it is a true story as well, it’s just an extra layer of emotion when making something like this,” Joey told Access Hollywood about the show, which follows a Jewish family’s journey of survival after being separated at the start of World War II. Joey and Sam also gushed over getting to work together on the project and shared how the cast supported each other during tougher times on set. “Sometimes we would all just be kind of hit at random moments with overwhelming emotion, and it was usually depending on what scene we were shooting,” Joey said. “A lot of unexpected rushes of emotion and tears and feelings of grief that came with that. But I really feel like we were all so there for each other, like, no judgments. Because everyone would really experience that at different times … and I think we all were good about really holding space for each other,” she added. The first three episodes of “We Were the Lucky Ones” debut on Hulu on March 28.