John Stamos Admits He Once Had Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen Fired From ‘Full House’

John Stamos is getting honest about the time he tried to have Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen fired from “Full House.” In a new interview with Dear Media’s “Good Guys” podcast, the 59-year-old revealed that when they were filming the pilot for the hit show things when downhill with the twins when they were just babies. “Ok we’re doing the scene, Joey and I are changing the baby, right? And Danny’s gone and said ‘Take care of the kids,'” he said. “So we’re carrying the baby downstairs and we take her in the kitchen and we hosed her down and she was screaming – both of them. They wanted to be anywhere else but there and so did I. They were 11 months old…I couldn’t deal with it and I said, this is not going to work and so they got rid of them.” John went on to explain that taping without the iconic duo didn’t go as planned and eventually they brough the pair back in to play Michelle after a few days on set.