John Stamos Admits He Was ‘Heartbroken’ Over ‘Friends’ Guest Role

John Stamos joined Access Hollywood’s Sibley Scoles to chat about his upcoming Disney+ series, “Big Shot” where he plays a High School girls basketball coach. He opened up about how different this role was for him and how relatable the show is. The 57-year-old actor also shared a never-before-told story about his guest role on “Friends” in 2003, “The show was shot on the same stage as Full House…they said you come in here and you hold for applause and then you take your moment and move on and Matt Perry was like, ‘Oh man, they’re going to be excited.’ I open the door and I walk in and silence, Matt just says the line and we move on,” John said. “I remember being sort of heartbroken, they were all waiting for the people to clap in the audience and they didn’t.” “Big Shot” premieres on Friday, April 16, on Disney+.