Jon Cena Reveals The ‘Happy Accident’ That Lead To His Epic Cameo In ‘Barbie’

Turns out Jon Cena’s cameo in “Barbie” almost didn’t happen! “It was a happy accident. You know when opportunity knocks, you open the door,” he told Access Hollywood at the premiere of “The Iron Claw.” “It was one of those things when in a serendipitous moment I saw Margot Robbie at dinner. We were shooting ‘Fast and Furious.’ She said, ‘We’re shooting ‘Barbie’ next door, you should be in it.’ I said, ‘I tried, you guys wouldn’t have me.’ She looked over and said, ‘The kid’s in the picture,’ so I got to be a merman for two seconds. Eternally grateful,” he added. While chatting with Access, Jon also gushed over Zac Efron’s portrayal of Kevin Von Erich in “The Iron Claw” and reveals if he could take the 36-year-old in the wrestling ring. “The Iron Claw” is out in theaters on Dec. 22.