Julia Roberts Breaks Down Viral Throwback Interview Where She Fangirls Over Gwen Stefani

Julia Roberts is a big fan of Gwen Stefani. While chatting with Access Hollywood alongside Ethan Hawke at the premiere of their upcoming film “Leave the World Behind,” Julia recalled knowing that she wanted Ethan to play her husband right away. “Sam (Esmail) and I when we went down the list of characters in the novel and we were talking about Clay I said, ‘Well I’m thinking Ethan Hawke’ and he goes, ‘I’m thinking the same thing,'” she told Access Hollywood. Thankfully, Ethan said yes to the role and the rest is history. The Oscar winner also recalled recently meeting Cher and reacted to a throwback interview with Access Hollywood where she fangirls over Gwen Stefani. “Leave the World Behind” starts streaming on Netflix Dec. 8.