Kaley Cuoco & Tom Bateman ‘Laughed Out Loud’ Over ‘Based On A True Story’ Season 2

Kaley Cuoco and Tom Bateman are “thrilled” to be coming back for Season 2 of “Based on a True Story.” The actors spoke with Access Hollywood at the NBC Universal Studio Group Emmy Kick-Off Luncheon April 23, saying they were 10 days from the start of production. “We’re prepping. We got some scripts in. It’s really exciting. got some new writers. they’re taking in some even cooler places,” Tom said. Cuoco, whose real life pregnancy was written into the first season, is looking forward to playing the character once again as a mom on and off screen. “There’s a baby now, so we’re gonna have to deal with that and so, yeah, that comes with a lot of its own issues, and there’s a lot of new relationships. It’s very, very funny,” she said. And, Kaley dishes on her daughter Matilda’s recent first birthday and reveals she planned the party completely herself.