Kate Middleton Could Be Used As A ‘Scapegoat’ For Royal Family, PR Expert Claims

Princess Kate Middleton is still top of mind as conspiracy theories continue over her health. Access Hollywood spoke to crisis communication strategist Molly McPherson who broke down what the palace needs to do to gain the public’s trust back. “At this point they have lost so much trust, the only thing that I think, that will quell it is if we see some type of media interview with Kate Middleton where she explains exactly what happened, talks about the medical condition and why she needed to be private, and we hear from Kate and we hear from the royal family,” she told Access. “Short of that I think that this is going to be a reputational challenge for years to come.” Molly also revealed why the palace isn’t organizing a public appearance for Kate to put all the rumors to rest. “For the royal family to sanction some type of outing, it would signal that they do not have anything to hide,” she said. “It feels like they’re trying to deflect attention from something else. Kate is being scapegoated, I believe, to deflect with probably other news that is happening within the royal family.”