Kate Middleton’s New Video Isn’t ‘Fake’: She ‘Hasn’t Had A Body Double,’ Royal Expert Claims

On March 18, a new video was published online allegedly showing Kate Middleton and Prince William walking at a farm shop in Windsor over the weekend. The video, which hasn’t been independently verified by Access Hollywood or NBC News, sparked much discussion online, with many wondering if the clip was indeed taken over the weekend and if it was actually the Princess of Wales. U.S. Associate Editor at the DailyMail.com Charlie Lankston explains to Access Hollywood why she believes the new video should “come as a welcome form of reassurance to anyone who has been concerned about the Princesses whereabouts and health.” She also claims that the video is not old or fake and that she doesn’t think Kate has a body double. Plus, she reveals what she believes Kate needs to do to prove she is okay and if she will ever publicly address her health in a sit-down interview.