Katy Perry Gushes Over Orlando Bloom: ‘We’re Both Supportive Of Each Other’

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom will cheer one another on, but there is one thing she doesn’t want her longtime partner to do. “We’re both supportive of each other. I mean I don’t support him doing a second season of [Orlando Bloom:] To The Edge because I want him to live, so don’t do that,” she joked. The singer also talked about Ryan Seacrest’s hilarious Taylor Swift bit on Monday night’s episode of “American Idol.” “Ryan is so funny. Like most of what he does is totally unscripted, the funny stuff and I’m always impressed. I’m always just jaw dropped. I can’t believe he came out in that cardigan,” she said. “American Idol” airs Sunday and Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.