Katy Perry Reveals Why She Hasn’t Released New Music Since Welcoming Daughter Daisy

It’s been a while since Katy Perry put out new music, but that doesn’t mean the creative juices aren’t flowing! In a new interview with “Good Morning America,” the pop star shared that she’s been writing some “new material,” but wants to perfect it before putting it out into the world, while also devoting time to her daughter Daisy. She explained, “I haven’t put any new material out since my Darling Daisy. I think that I’m writing a lot and have written a lot from a place of love, because I’m feeling so much of it — so much unconditional love, that love you never knew existed.” She added, “I’m always writing, I have been, but I think what’s really important to me is to be celebrating the world that I’ve got to build with all of these wonderful songs and to be responsible for a life for a three-year-old. I will be back, but let me get this right.”