Kevin Hart & Mark Wahlberg Reveal If They Could Be Stay At Home Dads

Regina Hall, Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg are getting honest while playing a round of Co-stars Confidential with Access Hollywood. During the hilarious interview, the trio got honest talking about their hidden talents, super dad skills and Mark revealed his funny morning mantra. “Kevin is probably talking to Dwayne [Johnson] right now, I better get up and get after it,” he joked before adding he also expresses his gratitude in the morning. Kevin and Mark are both parents, but could they be stay at home dads? “Absolutely not. I can’t. I’m not going to make it,” Kevin joked before praising all the stay home dads out there. Mark on the other hand, thinks he could do it, but it depends on the age. “Me Time” comes out on Netflix Aug. 26.