Kids Of German Heiress Kidnapped While Celebrating New Year’s Eve With Their Dad (Reports)

The two children of German steakhouse heiress Christina Block were reportedly kidnapped while celebrating New Year’s Eve with their dad, Stephan Hensel. According to German newspaper Bild, 13-year-old Klara and 10-year-old Theodor were watching fireworks with their father at a restaurant in Denmark when they were taken shortly after midnight on Jan. 1. Per U.K. newspaper The Telegraph, Danish police said several men allegedly knocked over Hensel to the floor before they attacked him and later took the children in two rental cars with German license plates. It’s still unclear if the alleged kidnappers left Denmark and as of Tuesday police said they have no clues as to the whereabouts of the children, per the outlet. The Telegraph also reported that Danish police are investigating if the kidnapping is related to a custody battle between the former couple.