Kim Cattrall Returns As Samantha In ‘And Just Like That’ Season 2 Finale: Everything That Happened

“And Just Like That…” Samantha Jones is back! Kim Cattrall made her long-awaited return to the “Sex and the City” universe in the Season 2 finale of Max’s spinoff series on Aug. 23. Fans loved seeing the beloved character on-screen once again, though Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw may not have been the only one who noticed that she sounded a bit different! High-powered publicist Samantha has been based in London throughout “AJLT” after a falling out with Carrie prior to the new show’s timeline, But the women were back on good terms when Sam gave her pal a call from across the pond to let her know she wouldn’t be able to attend her moving party. As the pair began to slowly rebuild their relationship starting with a text exchange in Season 1, fans were thrilled to hear that Kim would be reprising the role – a major development considering the real-life tension between her and SJP.