Kim Kardashian Pays Off Restitution Fees For 50 Women: ‘We Hope This Would Make A Difference’

Kim Kardashian just changed the life of 50 moms! The reality star partnered with Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin to pay off the legal fees of more than 50 women across the country for Mother’s Day. The fees were accumulated after the women were placed on probation and can be setback for them as they try to move forward in life. “While on probation [these women] are at constant risk of being returned to prison or jail- not for committing a new crime but for technical violations like missing a meeting with their probation officer. In celebration of Mother’s Day, I’ve partnered with @MichaelRubin to pay off the remaining restitution of more than 50 mothers across the country to give these women the second chance they’ve earned,” Kim wrote in part on Instagram.