Kim Kardashian Reveals Where She Stands With Tristan Thompson After Khloé Kardashian Drama

Kim Kardashian is revealing where she stands with Tristan Thompson after he repeatedly cheated on her sister, Khloé Kardashian. On Thursday’s episode of their Hulu reality show “The Kardashians,” the SKIMS founder revealed that her relationship with the NBA star is in a much better place. “Yeah of course his actions and who he was, like so f***ed up,” Kim said. “Like, I can’t deny that, and we’ve had our talks about it. We’ve had our fights about it. We’ve had our arguments about it, but he’s also shown so many decent things and just has been a really good person and friend.” Kim’s current relationship with Tristan is a major shift. She had been an outspoken critic of the athlete in the past – and he even blocked her on Instagram briefly – but they have managed to turn a new leaf. As for Khloé, she had a candid conversation with Tristan about their past, and he told the Good American co-founder he never wants his kids to feel ashamed of his actions.