Kourtney Kardashian Reveals She ‘Pounded A Glass’ Of Her Own Breastmilk To Curb Sickness

Kourtney Kardashian is sharing an unconventional mom hack! The reality star revealed one way new motherhood has come in handy when it comes to her wellness game, telling Instagram followers in a candid selfie on April 11 that she “pounded a glass” of her own breastmilk because she was feeling unwell. Is Kourtney on to something? While some reports have suggested there’s evidence that adults can benefit from the antibodies in breastmilk, Women’s Health explains that there’s an overall lack of solid scientific research on the topic. That doesn’t mean Kourtney’s efforts are for nothing, however. The liquid itself at the very least keeping her hydrated – always good practice, especially when under the weather – but one infectious disease expert told the mag that breastmilk doesn’t benefit an adult’s fully-developed immune system the way it does a growing infant’s.