Lance Bass Teases Possible New *NSYNC Music On The Way: ‘There’s A Chance!’

*NSYNC singer Lance Bass says the band could get back together in the future to collaborate on more music. Bass sat down with Access Daily’s Kit Hoover and guest co-host Zuri Hall after the band reunited onstage in Los Angeles back in March. This was the first time since 2013 that the group had performed together, which Bass said was bandmate Justin Timberlake’s idea. “He wanted us to be a part of the ‘Trolls 3’ movie, and so we did that song together and it just kind of started the ball rolling of, like, well, you want to record something else?” he explained. When asked if the band might make new music or perform in a show in the future he added, “there’s a chance.” Also, Bass is partnering up with Allegra Airways. “They came up with this new amazing navigational tool. It’s a map. You go to,, and it maps out your day to avoid those big pollen areas and things you’re allergic to.” Plus, the singer talked about wanting to see more gay dating shows. He shared his idea for one and said he’d love to host it.