Larry David Apologizes To Elmo After Attacking Him On The ‘Today’ Show

Larry David is apologizing to Elmo after he spontaneously attacked him on live television. The shocking moment went down on Thursday’s episode of the “Today” show, when the 76-year-old comedian crashed Elmo’s segment on the morning show. As host Savannah Guthrie was tossing it over to Al Roker for a check at the weather, Larry walked up to Elmo and put his hands over the puppet’s face. The hosts were still visibly shocked when Larry walked off, but Savannah quickly called out his behavior telling the comedian he went “too far this time.” When it was time for Larry’s segment on the “Today” show, Savannah asked him to apologize to the beloved “Sesame Street” character. “Elmo, I just want to apologize,” Larry said. “Elmo accepts your apology, Larry,” the puppet responded. It’s been quite the week for Elmo! He unexpectedly went viral on X, formerly known as Twitter, after he asked his followers a simple question—”How’s everybody doing?” His fans went full existential with their responses. “Elmo I’m gonna be real. I am at my f***ing limit,” one user wrote.