Lewis Hamilton Says Brad Pitt Picked Up Formula 1 Racing ‘Real Quick’ For New Movie (EXCLUSIVE)

Lewis Hamilton chatted exclusively with Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans at the Mercedes-AMG’s and IWC Schaffhausen’s “Speed City” event ahead of the first Las Vegas Grand Prix and detailed what it was like to drive under the spectacular drone show supported by lights. The racing superstar also shared how excited he is to race the streets of Vegas this weekend and revealed how he preps for a big race, explaining, “A lot of physical training. I think people don’t realize what we do in terms of the physicality side of things. We could lose up to 10 pounds in a race.” Plus, Lewis opened up about what it was like to team up with Brad Pitt and help him behind the wheel for their highly-anticipated upcoming Formula 1 racing movie. “(Brad) already had skills. He already had the ability. You could see, he just needed to hone on it and fine tune it because he’s not spending time racing. So, he picked it up real, real quick,” Lewis told Access Hollywood.