Lil Tay Releases First Music Video In 5 Years Weeks After Her Death Hoax

Lil Tay is back on social media, just weeks after her reported death hoax. On September 30, the teenage YouTuber returned to the platform with new music and a music video for a song called “Sucker 4 Green.” “IM BACK. IM BACK. IM BACK. LINK IN MY BIO!! YALL BITCHES THOUGHT THE SHOW WAS OVER. SUCKER 4 GREEN OUT NOW!!! LINK IN BIO!! EVERYONE GO WATCH!!” she wrote on Instagram alongside a clip of the production. The video, which features Lil Tay dancing inside a mansion and around luxury cars, has more than 2.3 million views on YouTube as of Monday morning and went number 1 in trending on the site hours after it was released. “5 YEARS LATER..#1 TRENDING ON YOUTUBE IN LESS THAN A DAY. 100,000,000 IN CARS. FULLY INDEPENDENT, WRITTEN AND PRODUCED BY ME. SUCK MY D*** UNTALENTED HATERS. LINK IN BIOOOO. WE BROKE THE INTERNET,” She wrote in a second post. The update comes about 8 weeks after the social media star released a statement to TMZ claiming that a message posted to her Instagram account that she had passed away was false. The YouTuber reportedly told the publication that her account was hacked, leading to the alleged hoax. The post, which was shared with her millions of followers, has since been deleted. The internet sensation, who is originally from Canada, rose to fame when she was just 9 years old. She went viral in 2017 with controversial videos that showed her swearing, starting fights, insulting people, and flashing stacks of money, but until the hoax she had not been active on social media since 2018.