‘Little People, Big World’: Amy Roloff Calls Working With Matt Roloff & Husband Chris ‘A Challenge’

“Little People, Big World” is back for its 25th season! To celebrate the show’s exciting milestone, Amy Roloff and her husband Chris Marek joined Access Hollywood guest correspondent Emily Orozco for some New York pizza at Don Antonio. Over their meal, Amy and Chris discussed some moments in their lives shown on screen this season, including son Zach Roloff’s health crisis and the conflict surrounding ownership of the Roloff farmhouse. Amy also got candid about how she felt working together on a fundraiser with both Chris and her ex-husband Matt. “For me personally, it was a challenge. I will admit, it was a little difficult. For Chris, I thought, ‘Man, I can’t unload all of my baggage on him, cause he won’t get it.’ … I didn’t want him to constantly look at Matt as this big enemy type of thing, so I shared some things, but I kept a lot in,” she said. Plus, Amy and Chris opened up about their love story and played a fun game of Couples Uncensored! New episodes of “Little People, Big World” air Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC.