Logan Lerman Weighs In On ‘Percy Jackson’ TV Series & If He’d Ever Make Cameo: ‘I’m Open To Things’

Logan Lerman, Amit Rahav and Henry Lloyd-Hughes are starring alongside each other in “We Were the Lucky Ones,” a new historical drama series that follows the true story of a Jewish family and their journey after being separated at the start of World War II. Logan, Amit and Henry spoke to Access Hollywood about telling such a moving story. “It’s so powerful, and I cried watching every single episode, and I know what happens by the way – and yet that was my experience as a viewer,” Henry shared. They also discussed the source material that helped inform their portrayals of real-life people and gushed over getting to work with Joey King on the project. Plus, Logan – who starred in the Percy Jackson film series – reacted to Disney+’s recent TV adaptation of the novels and weighed in on if he’d ever make a cameo. “I mean, maybe. I’m open to things. I haven’t seen it yet. I do want to see it though, and it looks really good,” he shared. The first three episodes of “We Were the Lucky Ones” debut on Hulu on March 28.