Luana Andrade, Brazilian Influencer, Dead At 29 After Suffering Embolism During Liposuction

Brazilian influencer Luana Andrade has died after liposuction surgery. She was 29. Globo 1, a news outlet in Brazil, reported that Luana passed away on Nov. 7 at a São Paulo hospital after she suffered a cardiac arrest during the surgery. In a statement translated from Portuguese, São Luiz Hospital explained the tragedy to Globo 1. “After approximately two and a half hours of surgery, the patient presented with an abrupt respiratory event and went into cardiac arrest, being immediately resuscitated by the team. The surgery was interrupted, and the patient underwent tests that revealed massive thrombosis. She was transferred to the ICU, where she underwent medication and hemodynamic treatment. Despite all the efforts of the hospital team, she progressed unfavorably and died around 5:30 a.m. today [Tuesday]. The cause of death was massive pulmonary embolism,” the statement read. Luana starred on season 6 of Brazilian reality show “Power Couple” with her boyfriend, João Hadad.