Lucas Bravo Talks Going From ‘Emily In Paris’ To Playing Julia Roberts’ BF In ‘Ticket To Paradise’

Lucas Bravo is back for Season 3 of “Emily in Paris”! The actor and the show’s creator Darren Starr chatted with Access Hollywood about what’s to come for this next chapter. Lucas also detailed what makes him similar and different from Gabriel. Plus, he opened up about his experience acting alongside Julia Roberts as her character’s boyfriend in “Ticket to Paradise.” The fact that they were so welcoming and took me under their wings and made the set such a safe place for me to improvise … I forgot about my impostor syndrome for a little while and it felt good,” he shared. “But honestly, it made me just want to come back to ‘Emily’ and bring that experience into Gabriel and make it even better.” “Emily In Paris” Season 3 premieres Dec. 21 on Netflix.