Maluma Wants To Make An Album With Karol G, Shakira And J Balvin

Maluma is paying homage to his alter ego, Don Juan, in his latest album by the same name. “It’s a mix between James Bond, Batman, and Hugh Hefner,” he told Access Hollywood’s Zuri Hall. “But no joke, I feel like in this moment of my career I’m more mature a little bit. I feel like I’m doing all these songs with a different purpose and a deep purpose…This has been a beautiful adventure since I started making this tour and this album,” he added. The 29-year-old is one of several Colombian artists who are dominating the music scene and he told Access he is down to make an album with Shakira, Karol G and J Balvin. “[We could be] like the Avengers or something like that…I don’t know if they’re going to agree, I’ll make some calls,” he said. Regardless of if he collabs with his fellow Colombian musicians, the “Borro Cassette” singer’s latest album already features several artists like Marc Anthony and J Balvin and he told Access all about working with them. Plus, the Latin Grammy winner dished on his philosophy on love. Maluma revealed the track list of “Don Juan” on Instagram on Tuesday. His latest album comes out Aug. 25. His Don Juan U.S. Tour kicks off Aug. 31 in Sacramento, Calif.