Mandy Moore Jokes Son Gus Has ‘Great Taste In Music’ But Doesn’t Let Her Sing: ‘No Mama’ (Exclusive)

Mandy Moore is opening up about her sons Gus and Ozzie’s latest milestones. “Gus just started preschool in last couple of weeks, so we’ve been in that sort of transition land right now which is so much fun and crazy that it’s happened so quickly, we’re already there,” she gushed during an exclusive interview with Access Hollywood. “Ozzie is standing and kind of right on the precipice of walking. I’m excited to sort of have…at this particular stage that they’re both in, to experience the holiday season together.” The duo, she says, are also very into music. “They’re music fans for sure. It’s funny now, Gus has a very curated playlist of music all thanks to my husband and sometimes I’m like Taylor you have to be a little more discerning about what you introduce him to because sometimes like a cool funny song that you love listening to once or twice, Gus will want to hear repetitively and I’m like ugh, I can’t,” she joked. “He’s got really great taste in music and it’s funny now for us to sort of start singing along he’s like ‘no mama singing!'” Additionally, Mandy shared why this holiday season will be a special one for her family. “I’m excited to make traditions. I feel like I’ve been saying that for a few years now, but now that our family is pretty complete and the boys are getting older and there’s just a greater sense of awareness about the time of year and how special [it is], like we’ll be out and about and Gus will point out he’s like ‘Christmas lights, Christmas lights.’ He remembers that from last holiday, but also, you know, just seeing them still wrapped on people’s trees and stuff outside I’m excited to figure out what is special to us,” she said. Mandy’s limited time capsule collection with Gymboree is out now.