Meghan Markle Has Fans Convinced She’s Returning To Instagram: Everything You Need To Know

Is Meghan Markle returning to Instagram? Fans are speculating that the Duchess of Sussex is quietly getting ready to make her social media comeback after they noticed a handle called @meghan on Instagram. The account doesn’t have any posts yet, just a profile picture of a pink flower, but it has already gathered more than 21 thousand followers as of Thursday night. A source is also claiming the account does belong to the mom of two, telling Page Six that the 41-year-old actually got the page before she launched her Spotify deal in August 2022, but fans are just now noticing it. “Meghan was set to go live on Insta but changed her mind shortly before she launched her ‘Archetypes’ podcast, so it’s just sitting there now,” the source claims. The “Suits” star also teased her social media return in her interview with The Cut in August 2022. “Do you want to know a secret? I’m getting back…on Instagram,” Meghan said at the time. Prior to marrying Prince Harry in 2018, Meghan was an avid Instagram user, but she had to shut down her social media once she joined the royal family.