Meghan Markle Praises Prince Harry As ‘An Incredible Partner’ & ‘Hands-On Dad’ To Archie & Lili

Meghan Markle is praising Prince Harry for being there for her and their kids, and she’s sharing some insight on motherhood. The Duchess of Sussex gave her husband a shoutout during a panel she took part in at SXSW on International Women’s Day. Meghan addressed the topic of social media and how it can negatively impact mental health. While she talked about how this affects new moms, she brought in her own experience, and how Harry has been a huge support. “It an also be really dizzying to see this portrayal of motherhood that’s so perfect, when we all know it’s not perfect. We all know that it’s messy. I’m fortunate I’m fortunate in that amongst the privileges that I have in my life, I have an incredible partner. My husband is such a hands-on dad, and such a supporter of me and our family,” she shared in part.