Meghan Trainor Says She ‘Cried A Lot’ During The Making Of New Album ‘Treat Myself’

Meghan Trainor’s new album “Treat Myself,” which includes her single “Wave,” stemmed from a dark phase in her life where she suffered from a panic disorder. “I crawled out of it, and my therapist was, like, that’s a very hard thing to do, and not a lot of people talk about how you should treat yourself,” Meghan told Access Hollywood. “That’s kind of what I’m all about: self-love and self-positivity … I took a break, and I got more massages, and I got healthier, and I started working out – and my husband was a huge part of that.” Meghan also revealed she “cried a lot” during the making of the new record. Plus, she gushed over her husband Daryl Sabara, who she said is “everything beyond what [she’d] ever ask for.” “Treat Myself” is available Jan. 31.