Michael Douglas Reveals How He & Catherine Zeta-Jones Handle Having The Same Birthday After 25 Years

Michael Douglas is hitting new personal and professional milestones! The Hollywood legend tells Access Hollywood’s Emily Orozco about transforming into American founding father Benjamin Franklin for the new limited series “Franklin” and how the project marks his first period drama after a decades-long career. And, Michael shares how he’s embracing his upcoming 80th birthday and offers insight into his and wife Catherine Zeta-Jones’ nearly 25-year marriage. “I think you have to remember to be as kind to your spouse as you are to strangers. Sometimes you make more of an effort for strangers, to show them what a great person we are, than we do to the person that’s closest to us. So I would just encourage everyone to be very, very thoughtful and kind to their partner and don’t take them for granted,” he said. And, Michael reflects on him and Catherine sharing the same Sept. 25 birthday and jokes that she may now be ready for her own celebration! “That was one of those things that I thought, when I first met her and found out we had the same day, it was just a match made in heaven,” he smiled, teasing, “But 25 years later, she says, ‘You know, maybe I can have my birthday.'” Michael also went on to prove how well he remembers lines from some of his most iconic movies including “Wall Street” and “Basic Instinct,” and has a priceless reaction when presented with a custom $100 bill with his Ben Franklin on it! “Franklin” is streaming now on Apple TV+.