Michael Strahan’s Daughter Isabella Says She’s In ‘So Much Pain’ After Unexpected Brain Surgery

Michael Strahan’s daughter Isabella is recovering from an unexpected second brain surgery. On Wednesday, the 19-year-old gave an update on her cancer battle in a new video posted to her YouTube series, which has been following her health journey after she had an emergency surgery in October to remove a malignant tumor in her cerebellum. In her latest vlog, she reveals she faced a setback while recovering from her first round of chemotherapy. As a result, she has to undergo another brain surgery. “I’m actually very nervous,” she admitted in the vlog ahead of the surgery. After the procedure, Isabella explained that the doctors cut open the scar in the back of her head to clean and drain fluid to avoid infections. They also replaced the bone that was originally cut out of her skull with a titanium plate and joked she was “part titanium.”