Miles Teller Reveals The Special Advice Kobe Bryant Gave Him: ‘Do Epic S**t’

Miles Teller is opening up about the advice Kobe Bryant gave him before he passed. “Kobe’s big thing for me was just like ‘Miles do epic s**t.’ Whenever he would kind of write something to me that is that he ended it with. [He] is similar to Tom [Cruise], with his work ethic and everything, but if you want to put your stamp on something you really need to give it everything you got and you need to outwork everybody else,” he told Access Hollywood at the premiere of his new film “Spiderhead.” The 35-year-old actor also gushed about his wife Keleigh Sperry and joked that she is on “the payroll” after helping his “Rooster Wiggle” dance go viral. “Spiderhead” starts streaming on Netflix June 17.