Miley Cyrus Looks Back At Liam Hemsworth Marriage On 4-Year Anniversary Of ‘Malibu’

Miley Cyrus is taking a bittersweet trip down memory lane. The music superstar reflected on her relationship with ex-husband Liam Hemsworth on a meaningful milestone, sharing with Instagram followers on May 12 that it was the 4-year anniversary of her hit song “Malibu,” which was inspired by her and Liam’s life together in the beachside city. Miley posted a clip of herself recording “Malibu” and looked back on how special the track still is to her, writing in her caption, “Today is the 4 year anniversary of Malibu. A song about a place and person that at the time I loved very much. That love was reciprocated beyond what I could describe here with freedom & escapism. I lost that home along with many others in 2018. Here is a video of me writing it in my home studio.”