Millie Bobby Brown Calls Jake Bongiovi’s Support At ‘Damsel’ Premiere The ‘Most Romantic Gesture’

Millie Bobby Brown is channeling her “inner dragon” in her new movie “Damsel”! At the premiere of the Netflix fantasy film, the actress told Access Hollywood guest correspondent Emily Orozco about how she hopes the project inspires others through her fearless character, Elodie, to be just as brave and resilient. Millie, who recently celebrated her 20th birthday, also shared her goals for her next decade of life. Plus, when asked about the romantic gestures her fiancée Jake Bongiovi has done for her, she said that him being by her side is what resonates most. “Just being here tonight, honestly, is romantic in itself. I’m so grateful he takes the time to be with me and to watch me. He watched me film this movie. It was really hard, and I am so grateful he’s able to watch the movie with me now, and I’m very grateful for him even just being here. So I think that’s the biggest or most romantic gesture he could really give me,” Millie said. She added that she’s “very lucky” to have Jake’s famous family at the premiere to support her, too. “Damsel” hits Netflix on March 8.