Miranda Cosgrove Says Her ‘Funny, Bad Date Stories’ Have Influenced Some Scenes in ‘iCarly’

Turns out Miranda Cosgrove’s dating life has influenced some scenes on the “iCarly” revival. “I’ve had a lot of funny bad date stories and I feel like Carly is always going on bad dates. It’s not just that the dates are bad it’s just that weird things happen,” she told Access Hollywood. Luckily, whenever her dating life goes array the 29-year-old actress can always count on getting advice from her long-time friend and co-star, Nathan Kress, although he admits he usually tell her to “dump him.” The two have known each other for over a decade and talked about how their relationship has grown over the years and also admitted they want their characters, Carly and Freddie, to end up together at some point. Plus, Miranda talked about her viral TikTok and confirmed her favorite curse word is still “f**k,” although she doesn’t use it that often. The “iCarly” Season 2 finale airs June 3 on Paramount Plus.