Miranda Derrick Says She Feels Like Her Life Is ‘In Danger’ After ‘Dancing For The Devil’ Releas

There’s more fallout from Netflix’s No. 1 docuseries “Dancing For The Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult,” which tells the story of Shekinah Church, run by leader Robert Shinn, and how the lines quickly blurred after he created 7M, a management company for the dancers within the church. At the center of the series is Miranda Derrick, whose family – including sister Melanie – went viral for claims of being cut off from Miranda because of alleged cult-like behavior within the group. Now, Miranda is claiming her life is in danger since the documentary came out. Access Hollywood has reached out to Shinn –who is 7M’s CEO and Shekinah Church’s founder – for comment. He has previously denied all allegations against him, including that 7M is a cult.